THE HIDDEN LEVEL - Peaks Without Valleys (Album Cover)
Captain Tom Twitter Graphic
Truax Woodworking Logo
Indelve - Crash EP Cover
Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne - I Line My Days... CD&Poster
Concert Posters/Flyers
Murder Island/Die Zombiejäger DVD Package
Regain Records’ Half-Page Print Ads
Escapi Music 2006 DVD Video Sampler
Regain Records Postcard
Peaks Without Valleys Media Logo
Regain Records Music Sampler 2008
John-Paul Cosentino, Manager at EMI Music Business Card
Sales Sheets
Ethereality Sticker
Ethereality: Logo, and Self-titled EP
Indelve: Logo and Ourobouros
Graphics for Custom Covers
PARS’s brochure template for custom display products
John Lee Hooker Epiphone Guitar Promo Poster
Product Photography
Jagermeister Music Tour: Anthrax, 20/8/2010 at Nassau
Holy Grail: February 2, 2011 at the Gramercy
Marduk at the Gramercy
Jagermeister Music Tour: Slayer, 10/8/2010, at Nassau
Eluveitie Show: February 2, 2011 at the Gramercy
Macro Photography
Nature Photography
Custom Pendant
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