Product Photography

Plaques and Framed Prints
The photographs I took show the wide array of plaques and framed prints the company offers.
Each piece needed to be mounted on a fake white wall. The products were surrounded by a mix of neutral and white surfaces due to the reflective qualities of each piece.
Custom Desktop Award
These products are intended to display a specific achievement.
The front is glass with poles through it that are mounted on wood. There is a sandblasted silver stripe on the glass that has negative space with a publisher’s logo. The wood is painted black and a portion is laminated with a silver plate that has the company’s logo and achievement digtally printed on.
To achieve the lighting and show the product’s depth, I constructed a fabric covered light box that the piece was placed on.
Custom Crystal Awards
The crystal has the company’s logo and achievement printed on the back. All the crystals come with a sturdy case for safe storage and shipment.
I set up multiple light sources specific to each piece to really show each crystal’s light reflective qualities.
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