Graphics for Custom Covers

The mission was to illustrate a list of 1000 that contained many subjects not necessarily related to each other.
I constructed a fragmented number falling apart showing they are a part of the same list, but each their own entity.
"100 Fastest-Growing Companies"
These were graphics made for custom covers of a publication's list.

"World's Most Admired Companies"
This graphic was made for a custom covers of a publication's online list.

“Best Colleges”
The subject here is a ranking of best colleges and the quality of education these institutions exemplify.
I decided to go with a simple bar graph with a slightly intricate background and a laurel wreath in the foreground where the title of the list resided.
“Companies of Promise in North America”
The image supports a title that relates to companies of promise in North America.
To show such a broad statement with something simple I decided to display North America on a vector globe with a radial glow that signifies hope and promise.
“Up and Coming Technology”
The direction was to support a list of leaders of up and coming technology and how they will influence the industry.
I wanted to demonstrate upward growth with a circuitboard of orange flex cables reaching skyward.
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